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About Us

Opening in early 1978, the first store was about 14 feet wide, 14 feet deep, and was in what was originally a Model-T garage that happened to face the street. Our monthly rent was $60, and the walls and roof were poured concrete, 1 foot thick.

Phyllis invested her savings of 700 dollars to stock the little place, and the displays were hand-made by Lew White and Bob Nord. Within the next year or so, we moved to another location near our present one, but only stayed a year or so. Then, we moved into a spacious location on a corner, at 1600 Bardstown Road. We tried a few years at 2458 Bardstown Road. Eventually, we settled at 2325 Bardstown Road, a corner location at a traffic light, across from a huge grocery, Kroger. We've been there since 1993.

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